Atlantis Milos Conference Review & Journey

International Atlantis Conference, Milos, Greece, July 11-13, 2005


Most travel to Milos goes via Athens either per ferry or per plane. A day off in Athens gives the opportunity to see the Acropolis.

Acropolis/Athens                                                         © Ulf Richter (both right)


Adamas is a major city on Milos (information about Milos) where also the conference center is located.

 © Ulf Richter

Adamas (from sea/from air/from land)


The island of Milos is very interesting from a geological point of view. Even today the resources are widely used for mining. As early as 12,000 BC Stone Age people began trade with obsidian stone obtained from Milos.

 © Ulf Richter

Mining on Milos


Obsidian Stone from Milos


The conference center:

 © Ulf Richter


We stayed in the Hotel Santa Maria Village which indeed was very clean and green and up to date with regard to technical equipment (especially A/C).

Hotel Santa Maria Village, Adamas, Milos, Greece


Some impressions from the 2005 Atlantis Conference:

 © Ulf Richter

The Atlantis Conference 2005




 © Ulf Richter

Dr. Marc-André Gutscher (Brest/FR) presented his findings about the Spartel Bank Hypothesis (detailed report see here).



 © Ulf Richter

Professor Axel Haussmann (Trier/DE) presented his theory about Atlantis on a former Sicily/Malta plateau in the Mediterranean. This theory would require the Strait of Gibraltar to be closed and the Mediterranean to be separated from the Atlantic Ocean as late as 3,500 BC.



Dr. Ulf Richter (Schwabenheim/DE) gave a presentation of the Jonas Bergman (Uppsala, SE) theory of Atlantis in Marocco.



Werner Wickboldt (Braunschweig/DE) presented his theory of Atlantis in Tartessos (Spain) based on satellite images. This theory had received a lot of international attention after a publication of this theory in Antiquity, BBC News and finally National Geographic by Dr. Rainer Kühne (Braunschweig, DE).



Dr. Ulf Richter (here talking with Ronnie Alonzo  from the Phillippines) presented his own theory in a poster session only. He proposes that Atlantis was located in a river-delta. Further, he presents the Richât structure in Mauretania as an example how the circular structure may have been formed. The content can be found here (.pdf).



 © Ulf Richter

Erick Wright (Columbus, USA) - here temporary chairman of the conference - had reviewed the way back from the Greek names to the potential Egyptian original meaning. He comes to the conclusion, that the review indicates a time slot for the Atlantis account at the time of the sea peoples (13th century BC).


 © Ulf Richter

Jaime Manuschevich (Santiago, Chile) presented his theory of Atlantis in Israel. He proposes that the Natufien Shrine people who first domesticated plants and animals as early as 9,000 BC are the holder of the Atlantis culture. Details can be found here (en espanol).



  © Ulf Richter

Finally, we were presenting our theory about Atlantis in the Black Sea.


Prof. Siegfried G. Schoppe        Christian M. Schoppe, MBA

July 23, 2005


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